Leaving Makadi in Hurghada, Egypt

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2021)

We have been staying at the Makadi Saraya Resort and I wish we were staying here another day.This place is so beautiful!

detail of resort

overview of resort

sighs in the resort

The ideal schedule would have been to spend the morning on the water and then return in late afternoon to relax here by the pool or on one of the shady decks outside my room. Actually, I’d like to just move in here for a week or two, maybe with some friends in an adjoining unit. What a relaxing holiday that would be!

But, alas, that is not to be this time, so I take one last look at the cheery, flower-filled grounds.

overview of resort

Of course, this is just one of dozens of similar resorts, with more being constructed all around. Resorts and golf courses appear to be taking over here. This whole area is developing rapidly – too rapidly, I would guess. From the bus, I can see a mishmash of rather ugly development crowding in all along the coast.

New development with palm trees and mountains in the background

New development

I hope they can find a workable balance that protects this beautiful, fragile place.

camel by the pyramids with text "Egypt"woman on a camel at the pyramids with text "Egypt is awesome tour"


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