It’s house tour season again in Mérida, Mexico

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

It’s November again. That means the English Library in Mérida, Mexico, is once again offering expats and tourists a chance to peek into some spectacular homes.

Merida house tour images

We loved the tour we took last year, but we saw so many wonderful homes that I never finished posting stories on all of them! Now that tour season is here again, I’ll give you a peek into the rest of the houses we saw . . . there are some real beauties coming!

Until then, have a seat in the courtyard at Mérida’s English Library.

empty chairs in the courtyard at the Merida English Library

Your tour will begin shortly.

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4 thoughts on “It’s house tour season again in Mérida, Mexico”

  1. Hello from MEL! Thank you so much Cindy for promoting our house tours. You may have noticed we used your photos on our website and in an email we sent out to announce the tours. Many people have commented on how beautiful they are. We really appreciate it all the work you put into them and for writing that wonderful post last year. We refer to it often, it is a great way to explain the tours to people and the pictures are a great hook. We have 18 people here today for our first tour of the season, which is a great turnout for us. Thanks for all your support.

    1. Glad to hear the season is off to a good start. We enjoyed our tour immensely and think it is a great way for visitors to get a glimpse into the lives (or at least the homes!) of a few expats – people who made their dreams of living here reality. While lots of tourists probably wonder what it would be like to live her, most probably have no idea that really beautiful homes hide behind the city’s often plain-looking façades. It’s a great way to get a glimpse of an aspect of the city not usually seen by tourists. Keep up the good work, MEL!

    1. Nancy – the English-speaking community in Merida includes a lot of artists, architects, and designers and their homes showcase their talent. It makes it extra fun to see them, because they all look like something out a magazine, but you often get to meet the homeowner and can learn about what they started with.

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