Historic Tucson, Arizona: The Placita at Saint Augustine Cathedral

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

Tucson’s beautiful Saint Augustine Cathedral stands just outside Tucson’s downtown core. The exterior has a stunning Mexican baroque façade, complete with southwestern details. It is a 1928 remake of the original (unfinished) 1897 structure.

St Augustine Cathedral Tucson Arizona 20140212-DSC_4438

But it was the adjoining plaza – a lonely concrete space wearing a bonnet of brilliantly colored flowers and butterflies – that really caught my eye.

Flowers at the Placita at St Augustine Cathedral Tucson Arizona 20140212-DSC_4444

Flowers at the Placita at St Augustine Cathedral Tucson Arizona 20140212-DSC_4442

This is the Cathedral’s Placita, a small plaza available to the public for events. While it includes kitchens and other facilities in the adjoining building, it is the flowery dome that catches the eye. Actually a band shell, its fantastic giant flowers (300 of them), leaves (1,000), butterflies (18), and birds are made of steel.

What a great spot for a Quinceañera! I can almost see the young ladies floating about in their frilly gowns, as bright and beautiful as the steel flowers and butterflies.

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