Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, Ohio

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

We arrived at the Franklin Park Conservatory late on an afternoon when the conservatory was undergoing frantic preparations to prepare for both an event later that evening and the forthcoming opening of a Bruce Munro light show.

Despite these potential distractions, it felt a lot like we had been transported to a magical tropical paradise.

Some of that is simply the result of being surrounded by beautiful tropical plants.

pitcher plant



The butterflies help sustain the illusion too.

However, much of the conservatory’s magic is due to the artful interplay of the natural beauty of the plantings with colorful Chihuly glass and the subtle lighting set-up for upcoming Munro show.

Chihuly glass


26 20130920-DSC_6423 Chuhuly glass at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus Ohio

Chihuly glass

There are even a few Chihuly paintings on display, something I’ve not seen before.

close up of a painting

40 20130920-DSC_6200 conservatory in Columbus Ohio - loaded

Munro glass

Munro glass

48 20130920-DSC_6305 Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus Ohio

The combination is otherworldly

The Franklin Park Conservatory has a number of glass pieces by Dale Chihuly and may well be the only conservatory in the country with its own hot shop for glass making. While there are always a number of Chihuly pieces on display, through November 17, 2013, a large selection is on display throughout the conservatory.

The Bruce Munro light show is on display through February 8, 2014. To allow visitors to see the show at its glowing finest, the conservatory will be open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings. It looks like it will be wonderful.

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