Duluth Harbor Cruise

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2020)

Duluth is a great place to have a conference. The lake is right there all the time and once in awhile there is even an opportunity to get out on the water. . . like this evening.

Our harbor cruise is supposed to leave the inner harbor and out on the lake. Unfortunately, the water is too choppy tonight, so we don’t get to go under the bridge this time.

Still, the inner harbor is larger than I had imagined and filled with interesting industrial operations.

I notice that we are moving faster than it feels. . .

. . . ensuring we get to see all sorts of interesting things.

Of course, we would have had a good time no matter what.

As we are ready to end the evening (long after disembarking from the ship), we again see the Mesabi Miner, which has finished taking on it’s load of coal and is heading out under the lift bridge and into the lake.

Exploring Minnesota’s North Shore

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