Disappointment at Big Morongo, California

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2020)

We’ve gotten into a lazy pattern – a morning hike and followed by an afternoon spent lazing around. Today we have decided to be more ambitious and to do two hikes.

I find a list of recommended places to look for spring flowers in the Palm Springs area and directed Lane to pick a couple for us to visit today and tomorrow.

For this afternoon he selects the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve.

So off we head, past the wind turbines and into the wilderness.

I know I can’t count on there being flowers and, even if there are, anything will likely seem dull after this morning’s display. None-the-less, I am disappointed to find a recently burned-over wetland with nary a wildflower and little else to hold my attention in light of mid-afternoon.

It’s green and lush, but I’ve had enough after hiking just one easy trail (and getting past the bee tree without being stung). It’s not a bad place, just not very interesting to me today. Maybe something more enticing awaits in Palm Springs.


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