The best DC discovery: The DC Circulator

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2019)

We’d never gotten to Georgetown before largely because we usually don’t have a car while we are here and Georgetown doesn’t have a Metro stop. It isn’t that it was that hard to get there, but so many other interesting places were so much easier to get to that we never bothered.

Meet the DC Circulator. Yes, this transit-rich city has yet another way to get around. It also fills a few gaps in the Metro system. This is a god-send for tourists (like my parents) that might be intimidated by the (sometimes crowded and usually below-ground) metro system or a regular bus schedule. Once you find a map of the Circulator system(which was a bit of a problem), the routing is simple and clear, buses stop every 10 minutes, the bus stop signage is distinctive and obvious, and each one-way ride is $1.

Unfortunately, the system doesn’t seem to be promoted as much as it could be – apparently it has been in service 2005, but this is the first we’d heard of it.

I wish we had stumbled across the Circulator earlier in our trip. Besides providing an easy route into Georgetown, it also let me actually SEE the city I was passing through!

We’ll definitely use the Circulator on future trips.

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