Along the Kona Coast on the Big Island, Hawaii

(Last Updated On: May 29, 2020)

We haven’t had much time to observe the volcanic roots of Hawaii, but we have constant hints as we travel through Kau and on into Kona.

The landscape shifts subtly, the raw black rock of the far south giving way to lush mountains, secluded beaches, and sweeping views.

I had heard there was a “painted” church in Honaunau, but hadn’t planned to stop. However, when we reach the turn-off, the sign for the church seems to demand that we follow its direction. We make turn.

Even from the parking lot I can see that St. Benedict’s Catholic Church is among the most beautiful places in all of Hawaii. It is lovely and serene, the simple frame structure a perfect foil for the lush tropical plantings and distant ocean.

I could spend the entire day here, drifting through the cemeteries, mediating amid the flowers in this tropical paradise.

The church’s cool dim interior provides a perfect contrast.

The lively paintings that cover every surface were intended to edify worshipers, but they are simple, joyous expressions of the great goodness of God. A goodness manifested in this place.

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