Looking ahead: Dream trips

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(Last Updated On: May 19, 2019)

Thinking about dream trips

To celebrate my 50th birthday I am looking ahead to the places I haven’t gotten to yet, but would like to visit someday. Those places include the following:

1.  Holland’s Gardens and Tulip Fields in Spring
2.  Socotra (or Soqotra), Yeman – The Galapagos of the Indian Ocean
3.  Zanzibar
4.  Cartagena, Colombia
5.  Morocco
6.  Puerto Rico
7.  Florida Keys
8.  Laos
9.  Petra, Jordan
10. The Terracotta Warriors of Xi’an, China

11. Southern Skåne and Öland Island, Sweden
12. The Cook Islands

Some of these I’m unlikely to ever see for myself, but one can always dream!

Five years later

I’m looking at my (unfinished) list again almost five years after I started it.

What surprises me is how many of these places I’ve actually visited over the past five years. Without looking at in over those years, I ended up getting to quite a number of them, including Morocco, Puerto Rico, Florida Keys, and Laos. I also have plane tickets to the Cook Islands to celebrate my birthday in November. And I think we are finally going to get to Cartagena next winter.

That’s half the list!

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

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