10 pictures that prove you should visit Brittany

(Last Updated On: December 23, 2020)

The coast of Brittany (Bretagne) is popular with vacationing Parisians, but it is relatively unknown outside of France. This is especially true of Americans, who often flock to Normandy without even thinking about a visit to neighboring Brittany.

However, by skipping Brittany, travelers are missing a unique part of France.

Why you should visit Brittany in 10 photos

Here are 10 pictures of Brittany that highlight a few of my favorite discoveries.

1. Charming villages

France is famous for villages that ooze charm, and Brittany has more than its share of them.

vilage in Brittany France - www.ExplorationVacation.net

2. Beautiful cities

Urban charm isn’t confined to Brittany’s villages. The region also has some wonderful cities. One of my favorites is Dinan, which feels like a grown-up village.

Dinan, France - www.ExplorationVacation.net

(It’s even beautiful in the rain!)

3. Lively medieval festivals

Medieval festivals are popular throughout France, but a festival in Brittany has its own flair.

Medieval festivals in Brittany - www.ExplorationVacation.net

The medieval festival in Guérande is held within the walls of one of Brittany’s finest medieval cities, making it feel all the more like a trip back in time!

4. Elaborate local churches

Between the 15th and 17th centuries local parishes in Brittany had a competition of sorts to add the most elaborate features to their church. Because of this, it’s easy to find unexpectedly elaborate churches and church yards in even the smallest of towns.

Churches in Brittany - www.ExplorationVacation.net

5. Delicious food

With the bounty of the sea and produce from the garden readily available, dining in Brittany is a treat.

food in Brittany -www.ExplorationVacation.net

Looking for fast food? Try one of Brittany’s traditional galettes (a savory crêpe made with buckwheat flour) and a local cider.

6. Quiet rural roads

Driving in Brittany is generally a dream, with nearly empty roads that wind through the countryside.

Quiet road in Brittany France - www.ExplorationVacation.net

(Don’t worry about getting lost and just enjoy the journey.)

7. Windswept beaches

Brittany has miles of beach and, unless you visit during the peak of the summer season, you will often have them all to yourself.

along the beach in Brittany France - www.ExplorationVacation.net

8. Dramatic coastlines

While much of Brittany’s coast is low and sandy, there are also areas with dramatic rock formations — the most unusual of which may be along the Pink Granite Coast.

Rose Granite Coast Brittany France- www.ExplorationVacation.net

9. Really high (and low) tides

Brittany’s tides are among the highest in the world. While this means beach-goers need to be aware of when the tide will come in, it also provides some interesting scenes in the region’s ports!

Low tide in Brittany France - www.explorationvacation.net

10. Old boats

While old boats may not be at the top of everyone’s list, I just love them. And there are quite a number of them in Brittany.

Old boats in Brittany - www.ExplorationVacation.net

There’s much more to see in this small part of France, but I hope these images are enough to inspire you to plan your own trip to Brittany!

Photo painting of a lighthouse in Brittany

8 thoughts on “10 pictures that prove you should visit Brittany”

  1. haha. We were just in Brittany, too. Stayed in Dinan three night, hiked that rose granite coast, recognized all your photos. Had our best meal of the trip in Dinan. Nice post.

  2. We were lucky enough to have a house-sit in Brittany for a month a few years ago. We fell in love with the area and it’s people. Would love to return one day and explore more.

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