Trees in Fort Ransom State Park, North Dakota

(Last Updated On: September 28, 2019)

No matter how many times I insisted that North Dakota has trees, it seemed that my husband was never going to believe me. To his credit, he’d never traveled beyond North Dakota’s (basically treeless) Red River Valley, so believing my tale of a land of rolling wooded hills would have been a bit of an act of faith. A field trip – which would provide first-hand evidence – seemed like the best way to make my point, so this summer we headed west to the Sheyenne River valley in eastern North Dakota.

Sheynne River Valley Scenic Drive DSC_5001North Dakota

But just seeing trees from the car didn’t seem like enough.

On a blistering hot August morning we joined a ranger led hike at Fort Ransom State Park. The walk followed a winding path through the wooded hillsides above the river valley, ending up on the native prairie that carpets the surrounding landscape before circling back down to the river.

Fort Ransom State Park 2 DSC_5051 North Dakota

Fort Ransom State Park 3 DSC_5043 North Dakota

Fort Ransom State Park 4 DSC_5027 North Dakota

Fort Ransom State Park 6 DSC_5033 North Dakota

Fort Ransom State Park 8 DSC_5063 North Dakota

Fort Ransom State Park 9 DSC_5061 North Dakota

DSC_5161 Sheyenne River in Fort Ransom in North Dakota

Needless to say, it was both lovely and definitive evidence of the existence of trees in North Dakota.

Fort Ransom State Park is located about an hour south of Jamestown, North Dakota, near the town of Fort Ransom. It sits in the Sheyenne River Valley and offers a full range of activities throughout the year.

The Sheyenne River Valley Scenic Byway

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