The Louvre’s Modern Architectural Touches, Paris

(Last Updated On: May 19, 2019)

This trip to the Louvre was motivated by the opening of the new Islamic art pavilion.

While we were able to get into the exhibit area without much trouble, finding a spot from which to view this sweeping structure was more challenging. Tucked into the (internal) Visconti Courtyard in the Louvre’s south wing, the best place to view this bit of architectural whimsy is from the corridors and galleries above it.

However, it took us awhile to reach this spot and, along the way, I had a chance once again to marvel at the museum’s crazy interplay of modern and traditional architecture.

I’ve become a fan of I.M. Pei’s once-controversial crystal pyramids, but now I’m reminded anew of how oddly perfect they are.


Despite having seen the pyramids before, I’d never actually been inside the museum. The last time I was in Paris we spent our “museum time” in other places (there are so many choices in Paris!), so I’m amazed at both the scale of the space that lies below the main pyramid and its bright contemporary feel.


As if this architecture isn’t art enough, there is a whole museum of art awaiting exploration in the rooms beyond this space!

It is easy to lose track of time and get lost in the art on display in this seemingly endless maze of galleries. Thus, it is almost a surprise – and definitely a delight – to resurface as the late afternoon light turns every surface to gold.


I can’t wait to return.

(Maybe someday I’ll even get around to seeing the Mona Lisa.)

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