Särdals windmill, Halmstad, Sweden

Last updated on March 7th, 2024

The area around Halmstad, like much of the Swedish province of Halland, is rural. Just inland from the coast, the region becomes a land of small farms and windswept hills.

In the 19th century that combination of wind and agriculture led to the construction of wind powered mills that were used to grind the grain from the surrounding farms. Once this landscape was home to a number of windmills; today almost none remain.

Särdals windmill and boutique

Even in the days when windmills were a common sight on Sweden’s west coast, the Särdals windmill probably stood out.

Särdals windmill Sweden - ExplorationVaccation

Among the largest built in Sweden, the Särdals windmill has six floors and four grindstones. It towers over the surrounding countryside and it must have be quite a sight when the sails were up, its enormous arms slowly turning in the wind.

Särdals windmill Sweden - ExplorationVaccation

Built in 1890 and in use until 1967, it’s still an impressive sight. Today, however, it serves as a tourist attraction and a massive advertisement for the shops that make up “the boutique in the windmill.”

The base of the windmill is now an art gallery. (Apparently the windmill itself is sometimes open for visitors, but it wasn’t open when I was there.) The main building on the grounds houses a gift shop featuring locally made crafts and specialty grocery items. Another building on the site houses a café.

It was an inviting spot to visit – even on a dark, cloudy day.

Särdals windmill Sweden - ExplorationVaccation

Särdals windmill Sweden - ExplorationVaccation

Särdals windmill Sweden - ExplorationVaccation

I imagine it must be delightful on a sunny summer day!

Planning a visit to Särdal windmill

Särdals windmill (Swedish language web page) is located in Haverdal, in the coastal municipality of Halmstad. The windmill, boutique, art gallery, and café will open for the season beginning in March.

Until it reopens this spring, you can take a virtual visit at Särdal windmill 360 panorama.

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