Redwood City, California

(Last Updated On: April 23, 2020)

We are visiting our friends Madeleine and Michael in Redwood City.

Not knowing anything about Redwood City prior to our arrival here, I have been expecting to find a typical California suburb – a bedroom-community with no history or sense of place.That was pretty dumb on my part – I should have known that Madeleine would never live in a place like that! Instead of a dull world of cookie-cutter houses, we find ourselves visiting a lovely, leafy neighborhood with interesting homes and floriferous gardens.

There is also a real town here (within walking distance!), with a renovated downtown filled with enticing restaurants centered around the historic courthouse.

It makes for a pleasant place to wander, even on a gray and cloudy day.

Of course, despite threatening rain all afternoon, the weather is pleasant enough and very spring-like. . . perhaps the climate here really is the best!

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