Morning at Bright Angel, Grand Canyon National Park

(Last Updated On: May 12, 2020)

We sleep in. I can’t get used to the idea of getting up for a 5:30 sunrise – even when I know it is really only 6:30. (Arizona doesn’t have daylight savings time, except on the Navajo Reservation.) Besides, based on yesterday’s not-so-exciting sunrise, it appears that very early morning light does little to flatter the canyon. Seems like a good time to catch up on some lost sleep.

For breakfast we eat the remaining peaches from Capitol Reef. They are ripe and sweet and wonderful.

When we are ready to begin our morning canyon viewing, we simply go to nearby Bright Angel Point. I am braced for the same mobs of people we encountered when we first arrived, but we have the area pretty much to ourselves.

Yes, this spot which was a zoo at 5 in the afternoon is nearly deserted now, at 7 a.m. on a perfect summer morning. We meet a couple other duos along the way and pass a woman meditating just off the trail and a man sitting on a rock reading. That is about it. Otherwise it is just the junipers and pines, lichens, wildflowers, the sun-warmed canyon, and us.

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