Memorable Travel Moments: The Sun Appears at Machu Picchu (2005)

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2019)

In 2005/2006, we spent the Christmas/New Year’s holidays on a group tour of Peru and Ecuador, a trip that included both the Galapagos and Machu Picchu.

We arrived at Machu Picchu under cloudy skies threatening rain and our tour proceeds through fog and intermittent showers. It is evocative and, perhaps, a good introduction to the site, as it restricts our view to digestible portions.

But, of course, we wanted to see Machu Picchu under clear skies.

We had selected a tour that allowed us two days in which to visit Machu Picchu. On the second day we woke up early in hope of beautiful weather for climbing Huayna Picchu and spectacular views of Machu Picchu. An early morning peak out my window tells me the clouds are heavy again today.

None-the-less, we get up and head for the bus and the ride up to the park. The sheer drop into the valley below is obscured by low-hanging clouds and fog. . . for a moment we wonder if it is even worth a return trip, but by then we have arrived.

Given the weather, we decide to skip Huayna Picchu, but we do decided to hike up through the ruins and beyond to the Sun Gate. The clouds were heavy as we started.

I’m not sure why we decided to go up there, given the weather, but along the way the sun began to burn through the clouds. As we came out of the trees at the first stop with a clear view of the ruins, the sun came out in full – and stayed out.

Who could ask for more?

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