Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

(Last Updated On: May 29, 2020)

I really want to do the highway that loops around West Maui, but we have been doing a LOT of driving on this trip (you hadn’t noticed, had you?), so after a very late lunch, we instead opt for a little shopping with a side of sunset drinks and pupu in Lahina. Besides, all the guidebooks describe Lahaina as an urban gem – a tourist city that has stayed fun and funky. As an urban planner I must be required to check it out.

Once we get out onto the thumb that makes up West Maui, urbanity disappears and we drive along a string of beaches on one side with the mountains sloping down on the other. It is lovely.

Traffic doesn’t actually move through Lahaina, but instead creeps and crawls along in little spurts of activity.

We are lucky though and find a parking spot right on the main drag. Time to shop!

We mostly window shop. Most shops sell tacky tourist items or have prices are high enough to be unappealing. Still it is fun to look and the people watching is great.

We tire of shopping long before sunset and head into a beachfront bar for drinks and pupu. But the waitress is preoccupied with another table and her girlfriends, so I order our drinks at the bar and, when we finish them, we simply leave.

Back in the car we watch the passing beach pull-outs searching for the right spot to watch the sunset.

We find a spot and wait.

Ahhh. . . evening on the islands.


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