Kilfenora Cathedral, Ireland

Last updated on April 12th, 2024

We head north out of Ennis, driving through rolling green meadows on our way to the Burren Center in Kilfenora.

The Burren Center is in a non-descript modern building that we spot beyond the farm equipment lining the roadway and just before we reach the commercial heart of town. It shares a parking lot with a church and assorted ruins that are nearly hidden behind a wall. A modern glass canopy hangs over some of the ruins. . .in other places that has been a sign of Roman ruins – I wonder what it means here?

Technically, the Pope is the bishop of the tiny diocese of Kilfenora and the 12th century church with its ruined chancel is the cathedral.

While an interesting bit of trivia, the real draw here is the small collection of fine high crosses that remain scattered around the church yard, some standing alone and others sharing space with more modern monuments.

The most distant of these crosses, the West Cross, sits alone amid placid cows.

The fair is a special attraction, only here for a short time and, apparently, the reason there is so much farm equipment parked all over town. Still, it makes an odd backdrop for the ancient cross.

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