Highway 30 and on to New Ulm

(Last Updated On: June 5, 2019)

Despite the rain, it’s pleasant cruising through the bright green fields.

(We’ve had a wet spring, so the fields are particularly lush.)

Our plan is to do a little shopping (art glass and popcorn balls) in Sleepy Eye, but it is late in the afternoon when we arrive and it appears that the police station might be the only thing in town that is open.

It’s sort of disappointing.

Sleepy Eye Stained Glass has a few lights on, but it looks closed. We pull up in front and peer from the car through the rain at the hours posted on the door. Yup. Closed.

But there is a woman inside on the phone and she motions us in, struggling to unlock the door while finishing her call.

We enter the workshop, getting brief introduction to the types of work underway. Then we move on into the retail store, which carries glassmaker’s supplies, finished lamps and shades, decorative objects, and jewelry – including the lovely floral pendants she makes (and which don’t seem to be shown on the web)

Shopping completed, it seems like a good time to find some dinner and wine. Fortunately, Ann and her family had recommended a winery with a great pizza oven somewhere near New Ulm. Unfortunately, we aren’t really sure where it is. . .

You’d think a winery wouldn’t be such a hard thing to find, but I’m about ready to give up as we turn around for the second or third time while Jan and I try to make sense of the map on Pam’s phone with the scant directions in the ad in the local tourist brochure.

Morgan Creek Winery (once we find it) turns out to be a pretty place.

Mostly though, we just want a drink. . . . oh, I mean a taste.

All right, let’s be real, we are in the mood for a drink, but the tasting will help us select the wine we’ll have with dinner.

I’m not generally a big fan of Minnesota wines and these don’t do anything to change that, but Heather is patient and laughs along with us as we work our way through their offerings.

Mostly we laugh. A lot.

Finally it is time for dinner, amazing light and fresh pizzas baked in an open wood-fired stove and served on the patio.

(See them in there?)


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