First Street to Pioneer Square in Seattle

Last updated on March 23rd, 2024

Free at last from my meetings, Lane and I decide to spend the afternoon wandering and shopping while my boss is off giving a presentation.

It’s cold outside, but there are plenty of warm galleries and shops to check out:

The gift shop at SAM (the Seattle Art Museum) has a few cool things, although not the warm hat and mittens I really need. (Lane visited the museum yesterday, so it’s not like we skipped the culture and went straight to the shopping!)

The always wonderful work at Vetri (years ago we bought delicate swirled Murano glass cordials here) is topped by the stunning work of Hiroshi Yamano that is on exhibit upstairs at the Traver Gallery. His Scene of Japan show is a magical glowing glass fantasy of intricate birds, flowers, and fish-filled ponds.


(If any of you have some extra cash and would like to buy me a REALLY nice present, I’d be really happy with any of these. I’d even install special lighting to appropriately light it!)

Our next stop is the Legacy gallery where Lane has already scoped out some inexpensive black and white prints by Thomas Stream. (Not that we don’t already have a wall of Thomas Streams at home!)

Lane is partial to the caribou,

Photo from the Legacy

while I prefer the walrus.

Photo from the Legacy


There are lots of wonderful things, but I really love the Alutiiq masks. Their simple, clean style really speaks to me.

Photo from the Legacy


Unfortunately, they are not in the budget!

Warm again, we continue on along First up to Pioneer Square. Along the way I admire the architecture.

Pioneer Square Seattle

We stop into Ragazzi’s Flying Shuttle. Maybe it’s the weather, but I find the sales racks filled with warm sweaters and luscious scarves pretty irresistible.

We make a quick run to Stonington Gallery where there is a lovely show of glass by Raven Skyriver.

We make a quick stop in Northwest Fine Woodworking (closed?) and Flurry and Company (closed) and then hurry on toward Pike Place Market to pick up some Market Spice tea and meet my boss (who is very fun) for drinks and dinner.

Next post: Library Redux

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