Fairyland at Brice National Park, Utah

(Last Updated On: December 27, 2020)

Sunrise at Bryce Point is a disappointment. There really isn’t any sunrise, just a slight tinge of color at the bottom of the clouds, with the sun itself completely obscured. There is too little light to illuminate the hoodoos. Darn.

As the sun rises higher behind the clouds, we decide to move on to Inspiration Point. The scene here is a little more interesting, but the light is still dull and flat and, with a busload of young Japanese tourists headed our way, we decide not to linger.

Back at our cabin we eat a peach from my tree at home and one of the nearly ripe ones from Capitol Reef and then head off in search of other scenic stops.

We find what we are looking for at Fairyland Point.

We start off with a brief rain shower, which slowly gives way to brilliant sunshine and a fantastic, multi-hued scene. Best of all, we have it to ourselves, as the other visitors leave soon after the misty rain passes through and the one visitor to arrive during the (literally) two minutes of perfect light takes his three pictures and immediately leaves again. (Guerrilla photography?)

So we have this amazing place all to ourselves as we hike down into the canyon for a closer look at the hoodoos and the plants and squirrels that call them home.

It isn’t until we are heading back up to leave that I realize the hoodoos look like fairy houses. . .

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