Ending the Day at Capitol Reef

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2021)

We begin to see the formations that we will find at Capitol Reef long before we reach the park itself.

It is late afternoon and the light is becoming wonderful.

We stop at the Visitors’ Center to get advice for tomorrow’s travels and are directed to the old Fruita orchard to pick peaches. I love peaches and mine at home will ripen while we are gone, so off we go.

The green orchard set against the red stone walls remind me of Oak Creek Canyon in Arizona, but this isn’t quite as stunning. Still, it is very pretty – which makes up in part for the fact that the peaches are rather hard to pick and not yet ripe. (They’ll ripen. They just need a few more days.)

I like the contrast in the rock behind the orchard and across the road, rising above the stream.

I also am quite amused by the small patches of weathered rock in this area.

We leave the park to check in at the Skyridge B&B just outside Torrey.

From our attic room we have lovely views of the “reef” in the distance, but the sun is still up, so we quickly head back into the park for a sunset tour along the park’s scenic drive.

After dark we have an excellent dinner at the funky Cafe Diablo. The food is very, very good and the presentation is simply AMAZING – I’ve never before been served pork ribs rolled into a tight spiraling circle, stood on end, and decorated, but they look incredible and taste good too! The much advertised rattlesnake cakes, however, don’t live up to the hype based on either presentation or taste – all I can taste is chipotle, they look awful, and since the rattlesnake has been ground, they have a soft, pasty texture. However, the rest of the meal is amazing and the Sparky the Coyote art on the walls is amusing. (Café Diablo is highly recommended if you are near Torrey.)

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