Early spring at Gooseberry Falls, Minnesota

(Last Updated On: April 10, 2020)

Even as snow and ice remain at Gooseberry Falls State Park in northern Minnesota, spring run-off assures that water is flowing through at full force.

Spring thaw at the main falls

For a variety of reasons, I most often end up at Gooseberry Falls in March. Some years that means the spring thaw is fully underway, while at other times, winter still clings to falls and surrounding landscape.

When spring comes early, the roar of water all but obscures the last signs of winter.

Gooseberry falls

Gooseberry Falls

close up of Gooseberry Falls

While the thunderous falling water is always impressive, this time of year I’m more interested in the bits of winter that can still be found within Gooseberry’s icy water.

Gooseberry Falls


You have to look closely, but they are till there.

Gooseberry Falls

I’m especially captivated by the little piles of snow hiding behind the falls. Peering at these through a curtain of falling water is like peeking into a secrete fairy kingdom, the details of which lie hidden just beyond my view.

ice and water

No matter how hard I try, I just can’t get a good look at the world that exists behind that curtain of falling water. But it’s fun to try.

Spring thaw at the Upper Falls

There’s more snow and ice clinging to the rocks around the Upper Falls when I visit in March.

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