The Desert Ridge Resort in Phoenix

(Last Updated On: April 23, 2020)

A look around the Desert Ridge Resort

Priceline gave me a gift this time.

For a fabulous rate we have ended up at the stunningly beautiful JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort.

back of the hotel with lawn and plantings
It is beautiful and totally over-the-top.

waterway with flowers and mountains in the background

I think we should just spend all of our time right here!

water, seating, and fountains amid flowers and palms

It’s a weird place though. It is in the desert, but overflowing with water. A place were you are asked to hang up and reuse to your towel to save the planet at the same time obscene amounts of water are used to create pools and fountains and fake rivers that run along well-watered golf greens.

But it sure is beautiful . . . I may not leave.

blue pools and palm trees

Morning in the cacti garden

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