Christmas Shopping in Stillwater, Minnesota

(Last Updated On: December 15, 2020)

David is visiting us from LA, so we are in Stillwater (sort of the opposite of LA) to do a little Christmas shopping.Amazingly, the cheerful streets are quiet, even on this beautiful morning just before Christmas.

Our first stop is at Gallery 310 (now closed) with its gorgeous gifts for sale and two Christmas trees – one in flocked with white and dressed in delicate glass ornaments. . .

. . . and a bright pink confection dressed with a fanciful mix of goodies.

We make a quick run through a couple of antique malls with items piled everywhere, but none of us buy anything.

We also make a quick stop in St Croix Antiquarian Bookseller (which closed in 2017). This is a fabulously interesting place and probably should be a much longer stop.

We also stop in Maison Galleria (closed?) which is overflowing this season with gorgeous sparkly holiday items. We are particularly taken by some large reindeer in the front window, but find plenty of other intriguing items. (It’s a great store!)

We buy a few funky Christmas trees and reluctantly move along. This could be my new favorite store here.

All that shopping (well, mostly looking) is making me hungry, so it is time for a lunch break at wonderful little Café Marx.

And now, it is finally time to head to the tree farm!

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