A Botanical Fantasy Land in San Diego

Last updated on November 9th, 2020

The San Diego (formerly Quail) Botanical Garden is north of San Diego proper in the town of Encinitas, California.

I don’t think it is actually very big, but it has a large variety of plants from around the world in gardens that wind around each other.

graphic from the San Diego Botanical Garden

It also has a lot of art scattered throughout, which is rather interesting.

The bamboo forest is dark and noisy, the plants making eerie creaking noises as they sway in the wind!

As much as I like the bamboo (and the fact that some of it gets cut and fed to the pandas at the zoo), it’s the plants that are adapted to dry places (whether they are from here, Africa or Australia) that really call to me.

Lane must like them too, judging by the photos he took:

A long weekend in San Diego

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