Along the coast in California

(Last Updated On: December 11, 2020)

The day has become gloriously warm and sunny, but the wind is howling – it’s hard to stand still enough to snap a picture! Still, I manage a few shots because, after all, it is really, really lovely at Half Moon Bay.

It seems as if almost every spot along the road is gorgeous.

Further along, I dash out to check out Pescadero Beach. The wind is really fierce here, so I’m on my own to take a few quick photos while the others wait, snug in the car!

It is an amazing spot, with a wonderful mix of sandy cliffs and beaches and ragged exposed rock. I wish we had a nicer day so we could do some exploring here. . .

Of course, it is getting late and it has been a few hours since we last ate, so maybe it’s a good time to move on!

We are planning to have dinner tonight in the town of Pescadero, where we take a pre-dinner stroll.

It is a charming little place, with a few enticing looking shops like the Arcangeli Grocery Company, but we are hungry after our afternoon on the road. Time for seafood at Duarte’s Tavern.

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