Acres of pineapples in Thailand

(Last Updated On: May 13, 2020)

We continue south, driving through lovely scenery without stopping.

After a time the land begins to flatten out and forests share the rolling hills with carefully tended fields.

Somewhere in the midst of these fields, we pull of the highway and bump down a small back road that takes us to a pineapple farm.

Fields of spiky pineapple plants surround plain, slightly ramshackle buildings and then flow into the edge of the woods.

We are lead to the edge of a spiky field and given a quick lecture on some of the finer points of pineapple culture.

After our brief lesson, we gather again in a shady area with large tables and baskets of pineapple fresh from the field.

Our host prepares the pineapple for us, trimming and slicing perfect sweet chunks at lightening speed.

Of course, he gives us a chance to test our skill, but even under his tutelage no one in our group seems very adept at it. That doesn’t matter though, as we are still allowed to eat the sweet ripe fruit 🙂


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