Night in the city, Istanbul, Turkey

(Last Updated On: January 24, 2022)

This is a gorgeous evening – not hot, but warm and humid enough to feel a bit sultry. It is a night that begs to be enjoyed.

The Blue Mosque draws us in, moths to a flame.

Unfortunately, the courtyard closes just as we arrive.

A kind security officer lets me get a couple shots off while he chases other people out, but then we must leave too.

Outside my girlfriend meets a tea shop owner who decides that she should be his wife. It takes us awhile to escape him, in part because my friend gives the wrong answer when he looks at her hand and asks “Does that mean you are still single?” (She is, unknowingly, wearing a ring on the finger where engagement rings are worn in Turkey.) Instead of saying “no,” she stammers a bit and finally answers with “well, um, yah . . . “ Eventually we ditch him.  (And she gets better at lying.)

Good thing too, because Hagia Sophia is beautiful tonight.

I’d like to stay out all night, but it is our first day here and we don’t really know our way around and I didn’t really sleep on the flight over – we must leave the night to the guys selling roasted chestnuts and the city’s other night owls.

Of course, I have the opportunity to take in the view from the terrace at our hotel one last time before heading to bed.

Good night and pleasant dreams!

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