Exploring Seattle

It’s hard not to love Seattle, with its vibrant central city, miles of shore, and easy access to the surrounding wilderness.

view of Seattle from above

Downtown Attractions

street sign in downtown Seattle Washington - www.ExplorationVacation.netDowntown includes both the city’s modern business district with its high-rise towers a well as the historic business district preserved in Pioneer Square, the waterfront terminals and parks, and Pike Place Market.


Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market Seattle Washington - www.ExplorationVacation.netDoes anyone visit Seattle without stopping here? I thought not. And why wouldn’t you? It’s crowded, but fun. Just be sure to do your part and actually buy something!


Pioneer Square

The beautiful historic heart of Seattle, Pioneer Square still struggles to overcome its long-term role as the home of the homeless. There are beautiful buildings and parks, high quality shops, and delicious dining to be found here – but be prepared for panhandlers and obvious signs of poverty. It’s safe (at least during the day), but still gritty.

Space Needle

It’s iconic and it’s totally touristy. And, on a clear day (or at least a semi-clear day – this is Seattle, after all) the view is amazing.

Seattle Central Library

Whether or not it works as a library, this boldly colored box is fascinating as a piece of art. Best of all, anyone can visit and there isn’t any entry fee.

Seattle Neighborhoods

Each of Seattle’s neighborhoods has a character all its own.


Ballard was once an free-standing town that was home to Norwegian immigrant fisherman. Today it is one of the city’s trendy neighborhoods. My best friend has lived there for many years – long before it became a trendy place with lots of shiny new condos – so I’ve had the opportunity to watch its transformation over time.

Information on Ballard:

  • InBallard includes dining and shopping opportunities;
  • My Ballard has daily updates on what’s happening in the neighborhood; and
  • The Ballard News Tribune carries news stories and other information about the neighborhood

various neighborhoods, including Ballard.


Fremont troll Seattle Washington - www.ExplorationVacation.netOne of Seattle’s most artsy neighborhoods and the one where a time traveler from the Summer of Love would feel most at home. Greet the troll under the bridge and you can be sure your day will go well!




Phinney Ridge

West Seattle

Seattle’s funky outpost across the water.

Attractions in and around Seattle

Art in Seattle

Best known for glass, Seattle is a city filled with art of all types.

Parks and Gardens

Seattle is a city filled with parks and gardens.

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