Exploring France

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France is the most popular tourist destination in the world. And the most popular destination in France is Paris. However, while Paris is always a good idea, a lot more awaits travelers who venture beyond the fabled City of Light.

Take an Exploration Vacation in France

Despite the relatively few times we’ve traveled in France, it’s one of our favorite places.

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Regions in France
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Cities in France

Exploring Paris

Paris draws more tourists than almost any other city in the world. It’s no surprise, really, given the city’s beauty. The City of Light has long been famous for its art and architecture, but this isn’t just a city for art aficionados. There is something here for everyone. And taking a step or two off the main tourist trail to seek out less well-known attractions avoids the interminable line to see the Mona Lisa!

I haven’t had nearly enough time to explore Paris, but you can see what I’ve found so far by following the links on my Paris page.


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