Back to the day’s assignment in Orvieto, Italy

(Last Updated On: May 7, 2019)

Today’s assignment was to find a scene with a “frame” and then capture it as people move through – basically the same thing I failed at during my impromptu lesson with Richard the other day.

I’m not finding anything I like, although I keep an eye on a shopkeeper for awhile.

Chris has been teasing me about my affinity for flowers, so I experiment with some greenery.

Nope. Not excited about that either.

Hmm. . . I like this bike. I wonder if I can do anything interesting with that.


That’s three strikes. Time to wander back for lunch and shoot whatever catches my eye along the way.

I don’t think I could ever get bored wandering the streets here — even if I am failing at my assignments!

Fall in Italy


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