Around the islands in heart of Paris

(Last Updated On: January 24, 2022)

Paris grew up around its islands, Ile de la Cité and Ille St. Louis. Standing here, we truly are in the very heart of Paris. It seems we should look around a bit more.

Ille St Louis is the perfect place to wander, with a mix of lovely buildings, interesting shops, and tempting restaurants.

Restaurants are attracting the bulk of my attention at the moment as it seems like an awfully long time since I’ve had a good meal, so we carefully review our options and then settle in at Le Relaise de l’Isle. It is a tiny but inviting jazz club with many photos that celebrate American jazz. Our lunch, however, is a delicious celebration of modern French cuisine – right down to the lovely and slightly exotic dessert.

On the street again, we meander across the island, over the bridge, and back to Ile de la Cité. Here we continue our rambling, enjoying the stately and elegant buildings.

Not to mention elegant transit signs!

Not a bad spot from which to make the daily commute!

(And maybe do a little shopping along the way.)

Further along we come to the Square du Vert-Galant.

Perched above the Seine on the end of the island where it juts out into the river, this is a lovely and restful spot with gorgeous views of the city.

Hey, I’m really in Paris!

Springtime in Paris

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