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Hi! I’m Cindy Carlsson and I’m delighted you are here!

About this website

I hope the pictures and stories on these pages inspire you to look more closely at the world around you, whether you head out to experience it for yourself or sit back and enjoy the bits I bring back for you.

Don’t just take a vacation, take an Exploration Vacation and really get to know your world!

About me

I’m a photographer, writer, blogger, public speaker, and travel evangelist who absolutely loves exploring the world and all its fascinating people and places. More . . .

My travel map

These are the countries I have visited. I’ve traveled extensively in some, while I’ve only spent part of a day in a few of them. But in all of them, I’ve at had a least a little time to look around – places where I never left the airport are NOT included here.

Many of these trips pre-date the creation of this website. Thus there are not posts on all countries.

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World Travel Map


I hold the copyright to material on this blog. However, my text and photos are available for your use under certain conditions. More . . .

FTC disclosure

I’ve blogged about my travel for years without using it to make money in any way. However, if there is a way to use this website to help off-set a trip or some sweet camera without requiring me to be less opinionated, I might sign on to that.  It’s still all about what I really think, but you can read the details here . . .

Privacy policy

I don’t have any interest in collecting your data except to understand in aggregate who is visiting my website and what they are looking at or to respond to comments and requests for information. And, unless you contact me directly via a comment or email, I have no way of knowing who you are or where you are located. More. . . .

Contact me

Please feel free to leave a comment on any post or contact me directly at thetravelgal AT explorationvacation DOT net.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to ExplorationVacation.net!”

  1. Hi Cindy:

    We really appreciate your article about Tucumcari on Route 66, and we really appreciate the mention of the Blue Swallow Motel. However, there is one glaring error in your description of the Blue Swallow, and that is that the garages have been converted to more rooms. That is absolutely not correct!!! They are still garages, and we still allow most guests to use them. This is one of the reasons the property is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. If you could correct that oversight, we’d really appreciate it.

    1. Thank you, Nancy. I appreciate the correction and have updated the post. I hope I get to stay at the Blue Swallow next time I’m in Tucumcari – and hopefully that will prevent basic errors. It’s a beautiful motel and a fabulous piece of history!

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