8 thoughts on “Ducks at the door, Alexandria, Minnesota”

    1. They ran away (you’d think they’d fly!) when someone came over from outside, but I suspect they’ve been around enough to know they might find food.

    1. This was actually in a cafe – they had a few antiques by the door. My dad had a bunch of cool old typewriters and was very good at fixing things, but he never did anything with them. I am decidedly UNhandy and would have no idea how to fix anything mechanical!

  1. Interesting that you have a pair, and possibly a mated pair. They are fun to watch. Have a blessed day.

    1. I’m guessing this is the pair I saw earlier along the nearby lake – these two were trying to escape the attention of all the males still looking for a mate. Perhaps they expected they could ditch the others inside the building!

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