How to take better travel pictures

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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

I’ve been putting together a presentation on steps (with examples) anyone can use to start moving from vacation snapshots to travel photography.

If you are in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area (Greater MSP) this weekend, stop on by.

Saturday, April 23rd 10-Noon 
Landmark Center in downtown Saint Paul

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I’m focusing on basic things that anyone with any kind of camera can do to make sure they are in the right spot at the right time to take a good photo. These are simple things, but they are the first step to getting a good picture.

The list includes:

Take your shot, then WAIT and shoot a little more

  • Wait for people, animals, or vehicles to move in or out of your picture
  • Wait for the action
  • Wait for the light to change
  • Wait for the weather to change

Move around a little

  • Change your perspective
  • Follow the action
  • Find a less-traveled path

Get up a little earlier

  • Take advantage of dawn, sunrise, and morning light
  • Look for unique morning activities
  • Beat the crowd

Stay out a little later

  • Photograph during the golden hour, sunset, blue hour, and after dark

Do a little editing

  • Share the best, hide the rest
  • Clean and enhance


Spread the word!

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