Last year’s flowers in Saguaro National Park, Arizona

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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

As usual I am heading down to Arizona for a too-brief visit this spring and I am trying very hard to keep my expectations in check. While this has been a phenomenal wildflower season in some parts of the southwest (Death Valley in particular), it isn’t looking like it is going to be a very good year in other places (central Arizona).

Still, it’s hard not to hope for a repeat of last year’s wonderful Arizona flower season. Central Arizona was in full bloom when I was there, with abundant flowers in most places, but the east unit of Saguaro National Park was particularly flower-filled.

white and yellow flowers

cholla and brittlebrush

brittlebrush annd saguaros


prickly pear and white flowers

white flowers

yellow flowers

flowers and cacti

Hoping for more of the same around Phoenix this year!

I’ll be watching Desert Wildflower Reports, so all you Arizonans need to submit your discoveries so I’ll know where to look for the best flowers!

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