I travel for trilliums!

(Last Updated On: January 7, 2020)

After a bit of lovely early (too-early) spring weather, we are back to snow here in Minnesota. But that bit of warmth was enough to get me thinking about spring flowers — particularly snow-white trilliums.

Trilliums are flowers of the woodlands. I grew up along the edge of the prairie in a place where there were plenty of wildflowers, but not trilliums. Perhaps that is why I’ve been so entranced with them ever since I saw the floor of my aunt’s woodlot carpeted with these nodding white blossoms as a kid.

Could a woodland white with flowers even be real?

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Since then they’ve become one of my favorite spring flowers.

While I have grown clumps of them in my yard for years,




I still seek them in the wild too.

St Croix Pottery Tour - ExplorationVacation.net

There’s still nothing like a woodland floor bright with trillium. . . it’s so much better than spring snow!

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Spring is in full bloom in Wild River State Park

8 thoughts on “I travel for trilliums!”

  1. I share your entrancement for these pure white flowers in unlikely places. It has been ages since I saw any. Know what? I never tried to see if they would like my UK garden.

    1. I bet they would grow in the UK. It seems like about the right climate for them. Your photo of tulips, dafs, and hyacinths is beautiful. It will be awhile before we see any here. Best wishes to you!

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