You wouldn’t know that it’s 90 degrees and humid in Vietnam

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

It has been warmer in Vietnam than we expected for this time of year, and when you factor in the humidity, it’s been pretty miserable for a couple of northerners like us.

The heat doesn’t seem to bother the local residents though. That’s especially true for the women, who tend to cover themselves from head to toe when they are out on their motorbikes. While I quickly got used to seeing women in cover-ups of all sorts, I’m still marveling at the women who wear what appear to be winter coats out in the mid-day heat.

woman in yellow winter coat on motorbike in Vietnam

She even has a nice furry collar!

(It was 90 degrees and humid when she scooted past our car looking as if a snow storm were about to descend on us.)

Vietnam 2015 Itinerary

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