Winter whiteness along Pokegama’s shore, Grand Rapids, Minnesota

(Last Updated On: April 23, 2020)

Like all northern Minnesota lakes, winter transforms Lake Pokegama in Grand Rapids. That means it can be a lovely time to explore.

two pine trees and shrubs with sun and a snow-covered lake

Winter along the lake

Because I’m not a big fan of winter sports, a winter vacation to Minnesota’s lake country isn’t high on my travel list.

But every time I head north during winter, I’m reminded of how beautiful it can be. And staying at Green Heron Bed and Breakfast (my favorite place to stay in northern Minnesota!) makes it easy to get out and play in the snow.

I’ve been at Green Heron during a picture-perfect snowstorm and when it’s been icy cold and clear.

Both have their moments of delight.

Along Pokegama during a snowstorm

While it’s never fun to be on the road during a snowstorm, getting snowed in at a lovely bed and breakfast along a northern lake isn’t such a bad thing.

house with snow

Snowstorms turn the world into a quiet, magical landscape of obscured, shifting shapes.


It’s beautiful. And, when I was ready to go back inside, a warm and cheerful room was waiting for me.

Living room with fireplace and big windows

On Lake Pokegama when it’s cold and clear

When it isn’t actually snowing, it can get really cold in northern Minnesota. I mean, really cold. For example, we woke up to 20 degrees below zero temperatures during one of our stays at Green Heron. But it was still and sunny, so worth braving the cold to see what Pokegama was like on a crisp, clear winter day.

So I headed out to the lake.

large snowy yard with chairs and house

It’s very white out there. But, even so, there are plenty of interesting details to photograph.


It’s a bit hard to believe this will all be green trees and blue water under blue skies again in a few months, but I know that is true. And, when that day comes, Lake Pokegama will again gently lap against the sand beach and caress the reeds along the shore.

Lakeside living at Green Heron

Exploring Minnesota lake country

5 thoughts on “Winter whiteness along Pokegama’s shore, Grand Rapids, Minnesota”

  1. Beautiful! People tend to think I’m nuts for liking winter. I find it beautiful. Also being a born and bred city kid I feel like winter is the one time the air will smell the cleanest. The brisk air. For me winter has a desolate beauty that I cherish. We just got back a week ago (we spent 9 days in Paris 3 in Iceland). Iceland was amazing. We got the last laugh since NY was colder than Iceland! People thought we were nuts going there in February but it all worked out. We saw the Aurora and avoided NYC’s cold weather. I’m still in the process of getting our Iceland pics up.

    1. Thanks! There are lots of winter lovers in Minnesota. It’s gorgeous here in the winter, but it’s still cold! Congrats on seeing the aurora while in Iceland! That’s fabulous – it’s really beautiful, isn’t it? I’ve heard that winter in Iceland is actually really great, aside from the aurora, with a lot going on in the arts community. I’ll be looking through your pictures to see what you discovered during your trip.

      1. We didn’t spend enough time in Iceland. Thanks for the tip – will check out the arts community next time around. We took a 3 day tour. We should have stayed longer. We’d like to check out more of rural America one day. It’s a bit hard. I don’t know how to drive and my husband hates it. One handicap of being NYers. A lot of us never learn to drive and a lot of the folks who do – hate it. I may have to check out Minnesota in the winter one day.

        1. Wow! You got really lucky in Iceland. A friend of mine has gone there a couple times and she always goes in the winter for the arts!

          Yeah, getting around the Midwest is hard without a car, but northern Minnnesota — particularly the North Shore — is gorgeous in winter AND sometimes you can see the aurora.

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