Semi Truck Delivery, Albuquerque

(Last Updated On: November 11, 2019)

Seen on the highway near Albuquerque, New Mexico:

Semi Trucks on the Highway in New Mexico -

What an interesting load. I have to assume that this is a one-way delivery and that the car perched on the last truck in the “load” belongs to the truck driver and will be used by him to return home!

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9 thoughts on “Semi Truck Delivery, Albuquerque”

  1. now that’s a road train! amazing what we see on the roads sometimes. We have impressive road trains over here particularly going to our mining regions carrying HUGe mining equipment.

    1. A road train! I love that description. Yes, I imagine a load of mining equipment makes for a pretty impressive site. Wind tower blades do too – they are sooooooo long. Thanks for stopping by.

    1. We were on a pretty congested section of highway, but he seemed to be moving along at or close to highway speed. It looked like it would be hard load to control with all those trucks stacked like that. Can’t you just picture the driver getting behind the wheel of his own car and zipping off! It would have to be a lot easier and fun to drive than that load!

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