Don’t Wait to Book Cheap Airfare

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(Last Updated On: August 11, 2015)

This was in my email on January 7, 2015. (That was last Wednesday.)

hawaii flights - low

As if to remind me of this great opportunity, this one showed up two days later (Friday).

hawaii flights - low but not delta

Yesterday (Monday) I found this one in my email.

hawaii flights - high

So, due to my own procrastinating, we will not be going to Hawaii in the immediate future. That’s ok though. Airfare to Hawaii was a little over $1300 on Delta two weeks ago too. It will change again, giving me another opportunity to dither over whether I can fit in a trip this year or not. It’s just a matter of time – and timing.

But if you really want to take advantage of a low air fare, you absolutely cannot wait to make up your mind. Be prepared to book as soon as you see it listed. A low fare can disappear very quickly.

I’ve used the airfarewatchdog alert service for years now. It’s one of the tools that helps me know when to look for and book airfare.

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1 thought on “Don’t Wait to Book Cheap Airfare”

  1. It dropped to that price again in late January and was back down there again today. It’s all a matter of timing. Of course, I’ve since decided to go to the US Virgin Islands instead!

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