I hope someone from Minnesota is going to Hawaii for me this fall

While experts covered in national news lament the ever rising cost of air travel, flights from MSP (Minneapolis/Saint Paul) to Honolulu are about as cheap as I can recall ever seeing them. Right now you can book a flight on a number of airlines, including Delta, for under $600 round trip. That seems like a tremendous bargain – one that shouldn’t be ignored!

flights to honolulu

This isn’t a one-day fluke either. While Delta’s prices first dipped below $600 in the last month or so, there have been abnormally low fares ($800 or less) to Hawaii all year.

While Delta has been engaged nationally in a fare war with American (and has matched some of American’s discounted fares to the islands), the real driver seems to be a battle between Delta and Alaska for non-stop traffic through Seattle. Alaska ramped up its Seattle to Hawaii service this year, adding direct flights between the two destinations. At the same time Delta seems to have stepped away from their previous cooperative arrangement with Alaska and began directly competing by offering their own non-stop flights. This head-to-head competition seems to have led to additional seats and much lower costs for travelers.

Alas, my fall is rather chaotic and busy (as is the life of my friend in Honolulu). I haven’t been to Hawaii since 2008 and would love to return, but I’m probably going to have to give this opportunity a miss. Instead I’ll hope some of you take advantage of it for me.

Actually, I’m hoping the competition continues through the winter so I’ll have a chance to take advantage of it myself!



Hawaii 2008

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