Our Own Loop Tour in Glacier National Park

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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

The sunrise is obscured by fog and then
magic occurs.

Touring Glacier National Park,
we drive from Many Glaciers south along
the eastern edge of the park
(dodging domestic animals along the way)
until we get to Goat Lick,
where four mountain goats rest in the shade
of the highway bridge.
In Essex we eat lunch
along the train tracks at the Izaak Walton Inn.
We round the end of the park and
start up the west side to Lake McDonald.
There is hiking at Rocky Point
(our first hike on our own in bear country!)
before we are back in the car
and on the Going to the Sun Road.

Thank goodness the road is finally open!
It is spectacular, with
towering mountains,
thundering waterfalls,
and the icy remains of winter’s snow;
until we hit the road construction
and everything slows to a dusty crawl.

From there, it is a beautiful drive
back “home” to Many Glaciers.

Collage - July 7 - Touring Glacier - ExplorationVacation

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