Banff’s Waterfalls and Yoho’s Mountains, with a Side of Rain

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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

We awake late
(its 8 a.m. already);
load the car, check out of lovely Storm Mountain,
and hurry up to Johnston Canyon
as dark skies hang above us.

A tour bus follows us into the nearly empty parking lot.
We scurry to get ahead of the impending masses
before the trail becomes a narrow catwalk.
Rushing water masks most of the sound
of descending tourists and
the still dark woods brings calm and also
We slowly follow the racing river to reach one falls
and then another.

In the car again,
signs of brightening skies between rain showers.
Behind the clouds, the mountains are crisp and clear, but
it is a rainy night in Yoho
as the mountains are washed clean.

Collage - July 19 - Banff and Yoho - ExplorationVacation

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