Pastel Bikes in Phoenix, Arizona

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

Despite its general flatness, Phoenix and its surrounding cities in the Valley of the Sun aren’t exactly known as a biker’s paradise. Actually, the area is infamous for its sprawling development pattern, big highways, and nearly total auto dependency. However, increasingly, there are people biking in Phoenix. And a lot of those bikers seem to be using cool retro-style fat-tire bikes in cheery pastel colors. And there was a good selection scattered all around Scottsdale, like these in the historic downtown area.

Pastel bikes in Phoenix Arizona20140216-DSC_6073

I want one too!

This is my submission for Travel Photo Thursday at Nancie’s Budget Traveler’s Sandbox. Ride on over for photos from around the world. 

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14 thoughts on “Pastel Bikes in Phoenix, Arizona”

  1. That’s the pretty, low key type of bike I would want to ride. So many people I see have “serious” bikes suitable for racing, but I would want one like this for just puttering around town.

  2. Marcia at Inside Journeys sent the following note:
    “What a beautiful shot! I love the feeling that the bikes and the gingham tablecloth evoke. I’m already tasting ice cream.”

    Thank you Marcia. And yeah, the pink of that ice cream place shouts “sugar!”

    Has anyone else had trouble leaving comments? If so, send me a note or tweet and let me know.
    Thanks, everyone.

  3. What a gorgeous bike. I love the colors. I have never heard of a fat tire bike. I imagine that would be steadier and safer and great for when your dealing with lots of traffic. Thanks for linking up this week!

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