“Made in Minnesota” at the Nash Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota

(Last Updated On: November 22, 2019)

This sweet show at the University of Minnesota’s Katherine Nash Gallery almost came and went without our noticing. Almost.

As it happens, late in the week I came across a short notice on the show and saw that it included work by 22 Minnesota artists, a number of artists we’ve followed over the years.  With only a short time before the show closes on February 15th, we put it on the schedule for the weekend. Good thing too, as this straightforward and engaging show presents some wonderful work.

"Made in Minnesota" at the Nash Gallery in Minneapolis Minnesota

Work pictured includes blue horses by Francis Yellow, bone sculpture by Judy Onofrio, moveable sculptures by Dean Lucker, Doily of Foremothers by Mayumi Amada, wood carvings by Fred Cogelow, Honesty by John Ilg, concrete reliefs by Kim Matthews, kayak by Cameron Zebrun, and Landscape Wood Collage by George Morrison.

Made in Minnesota closes February 15, 2014.

8 thoughts on ““Made in Minnesota” at the Nash Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota”

    1. Thanks, Kim. I would have liked to have had more time to actually write about the art and showcase more of it, but wanted to get something up quick enough to try to get a few more people over there. I work in transportation, so was abasolutely AMAZED by what you do with concrete and canvas! Wow. I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

  1. Nice to know about your blog. Thanks for including my work. And !! For promoting the exhibition. Such a great group of Atists. I think Wayne Potratz and Howard Oransky has a fun time curating it.

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