The Danish Consulate in Essaouira, Morocco

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(Last Updated On: October 2, 2016)

While I would like to be organized enough to identify all of the historic buildings I see when I travel, that seldom happens. I didn’t even try in Morocco, instead I just wandered rather randomly photographing whatever caught my eye.

This was one of the buildings I noticed:

Essaouira DSC_8125 old Danish consulate in Mogador

I have since determined that it is/was the Danish consulate, built in Mogador in 1765 as the first European consulate in the city. It must have been lovely once, with internal balconies and rooms opening onto a central courtyard. Today it is an empty decaying ruin – the subject of various restoration schemes that seem to have fallen by the wayside.

Now I wish I had taken more time, snooped around more, taken more photos. Actually, now that I know more, I want to go back and take another look at all the buildings in the medina!

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