20/20 Hindsight at the Weisman in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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(Last Updated On: November 22, 2019)

The Weisman Art Museum at the University of Minnesota has been celebrating 20 years of collecting great art since moving into the shimmering Gehry building on the Mississippi River.

20131228-DSC_2537 Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis 20131228-DSC_2565 Weisman Art Museum in MinneapolisWhile the building itself is entrancing, it’s worth going inside to see the art!

[email protected] is celebrating 20 years of collecting by featuring 400 objects collected since the museum moved into the Gehry building in 1993. Broken into four exhibitions, the current show (which ends in a few days) is called Choice. It features sets of 20 objects grouped by 20 themes like the oldest object accessioned each year (including an ancient Japanese landscape on silk) and the smallest objects (including a number of charming little pots) or by a specific person or group of people (director’s choice, tour guides’ choice, etc.). There are beautiful pieces by familiar artists (an exquisite George Morrison painting, a striking Annie Leibovitz photograph of Bruce Springsteen, pottery by Warren MacKenzie, an Alexander Calder painting, a Gauguin woodcut) and many more by artists new to me.  It makes for an oddly charming mix.

Weisman Art Museum, MinneapolisThere is also a display featuring a few pieces from the museum’s Korean furniture collection – mostly elegant boxes and other storage pieces.

20131228-DSC_2527 Korean furniture at the Weisman Art MuseumOf course, a portion of the ceramics collection is always on display, including a portion of the museum’s wonderful collection of Mimbres pieces.

20131228-DSC_2519 mimbres bowl 20131228-DSC_2524 elegant teapot at the Weisman Art MuseumThis is the first time we have seen the majority of the museum’s space devoted to objects from the permanent collection and it was really a treat.

You have to act quickly to catch this segment of the [email protected] Choice show, as it closes January 5, 2014. If you miss it, you aren’t completely out of luck – the next exhibit in the series Paper will open in March. It’s sure to offer a new set of treats.

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