The Ballard Farmer’s Market in Seattle

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

The Sunday Ballard Farmer’s Market feels a lot like a European market, stalls overflowing with fresh, local foods amid pedestrian-scaled historic buildings housing artsy shops, bars, and restaurants. It would be a pleasant place to wander even without the market, but the market provides an additional incentive to get up and out on a Sunday morning. When we visit, on a cold fall morning, the market is crowded.

The market isn’t just a place to buy fresh produce, meat, and seafood (I would guess that the Ballard market has a lot more fresh seafood than your average farmer’s market!) for the coming week. There are also gourmet goodies (including eaglemount cider and jonboy caramels) to stock in the pantry for the next special occasion.

2 20131013-DSC_7871Ballard farmers market in Seattle6 20131013-DSC_7870 Ballard farmers market in Seattle 4 20131013-DSC_8052 Ballard farmers market in Seattle 12 20131013-DSC_7989 eaglemount cider at Ballard farmers market in Seattle14 20131013-DSC_7892 Ballard farmers market in Seattle13 20131013-DSC_8032 Ballard farmers market in Seattle 15 20131013-DSC_7875 market in SeattleThere is plenty of street food available for those in need of more immediate gratification. The options include beautiful and elaborate omelets, tacos, stir fries, pizza, and more. Ice cream, mini-donuts, and a variety of candies (why save something that good?) are available for dessert.

17 20131013-DSC_7969 Ballard farmers market in Seattle 18 20131013-DSC_7881 Ballard farmers market in Seattle19 20131013-DSC_7884 Ballard farmers market in Seattle20 20131013-DSC_7940 Ballard farmers market in Seattle22 20131013-DSC_8048 mini-donuts Ballard farmers market in SeattleOf course, there is more than food at the market. Even in fall, there are mounds of flowers (mostly brightly colored dahlias) throughout the market. A number of artists also sell their wares in a separate area, providing plenty of gift giving options.

26 20131013-DSC_7918 Ballard farmers market in Seattle 28 20131013-DSC_8000 Ballard farmers market in Seattle 29 20131013-DSC_7907 Ballard farmers market in Seattle 31 20131013-DSC_7921 Ballard farmers market in Seattle 33 20131013-DSC_7981 Ballard farmers market in Seattle34 20131013-DSC_8067 Posted Ballard Market Seattle WashingtonSo a visit to the Ballard market can be a complete shopping experience: eat a meal, buy your groceries for the coming week, stock up on specialty treats, pick up a few gifts, and grab some flowers for yourself or someone special. Just give yourself plenty of time to take in the market and all that the surrounding shops and restaurants have to offer.  woman with a full stroller

Updates on what’s fresh this week are available on the market blog.

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